21 Days to Feeling Good:

Yoga and Mindfulness Activities for Kids

This is all about you feeling good.

Imagine having simple yoga and mindfulness activities for kids at your fingertips to reduce your {and their} stress every day!

Whether you are a classroom teacher, a yoga teacher or a parent who loves to connect your child, these simple daily yoga activities for kids are easy to add to your daily routine.

Our kiddos have been through so much stress in the past few years and childhood anxiety is on the rise. Yoga and mindfulness for kids are necessary life skills.

Can you picture a day where everyone {you included} remembered to breathe.. took time to stretch… enjoyed a minute of silence every day…

These yoga and mindfulness activities for kids are simple things that will lower everyone’s stress.

"The time it takes to stretch, breathe and move is gained back through better focus, cooperation and attitude."

In this program you'll receive... 21 yoga and mindfulness activities for kids!

Use them over and over.

Great for teachers in the classroom, homeschooling parents and parents who want a little help making school and learning fun – everywhere they go. Kids Yoga teachers - use these activities as a starting point for your kids yoga lesson plan.

Here are the 5 principles used to choose the kids yoga activities;

1. Each activity is under 15 min long.

2. Everything you need is included with minimal prep time.

3. Older kids can read and do the activities on their own (although you might need a desk break too).

4. Feel the benefits of better focus, emotion and energy regulation and creative exploration in the first week.

5. This will make a difference in how your day operates.

Yoga and Mindfulness Activities Include:

✅ Transition Routines

✅ Calming Tools for Kids

✅ Creative Visualizations & Mindfulness Activities

✅ Cooperation & Connection Yoga Games and Activities

✅ Reading and Yoga

Everything you need is included:

Yoga Poses for Kids Printable Guide

✅Simple, Easy to Follow Directions

✅Guided Imagery Scripts

✅Timing and Set-Up Guide

5 signs you need yoga and mindfulness activities for kids…

  • Kids are constantly interrupting you to ask for snacks.

  • Getting kids to focus is turning your hair grey.

  • You don’t have time to breathe let alone meditate in your day.

  • Can’t make it out to yoga – sneak your yoga practice in with the kids – Sweet!

  • You feel a little muffin top baking {or know a friend who does} and want to nip that in the bud!

Create a habit of feeling good in the classroom and at home.

Yoga and Mindfulness Activities for Kids you will use over and over to keep you (and your kids)…

feeling good all over!

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Blending Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science into Simple Wellness.

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