Essential Oil Guide for Ayurvedic Massage

How To Make Abhyanga Massage Oil at Home

  • Super Easy

  • Costs Much Less

  • Adjust for the Season

  • Connect to What You Need

Abhyanga Massage is my favourite of all the Ayurvedic self care rituals.

It just makes so much sense!

Instead of using soap, use your massage oil to cleanse and renew your bodies natural oils to boost your immune system naturally.

Just a few of Health Benefits of

Ayurvedic Massage...

Reduce stress naturally...

✋Light touch massage helps to pacify your nervous system. Add one of the key essential oil blend in the guide to help you relax even more.

Have more energy...

💪Oil Massage in the morning helps to get your body and mind ready and stimulated for the day.

Improve Sleep Quality...

😴 Oil Massage in the evening calms your nervous system so you can sleep deeply. Use the essential oils in the guide for a relaxing evening ritual.

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