Easy Peasy Morning Yoga

How to Start a Yoga Practice at Home

Want to Know the Secret of

How to Feel Younger and Have More Energy?

With simple yoga for beginners videos that progress from 1 pose a day to 20 minute yoga and even a few 30 minutes yoga videos on the days when you have time to indulge.


This program also works great for experienced yogis – yes that anyone who’s been to a class before – to supplement your weekly class with a quick daily yoga practice. You’ll be amazed at what a few minutes a day will do!


Over 20 yoga videos to make getting started easy and accessible, even if you’ve never tried yoga before. Or even worse – you’ve tried and been discouraged.

“I always said that I hate yoga. Every time I’ve tried it before, it hasn’t worked for me, it was just agony to do it. But the way Krista teaches it in her videos is so good for me, She encouraged me to just do something and start, just do one pose. And then I found I wanted more, so that was a huge stretch for me.”

Debby Carson – Roberts Creek, BC

Get started today with easy-to-follow videos and printable guides for you to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of your own yoga home practice.


Everything you need to get started for brand new beginners and those who just want to supplement your weekly class experience.


  • 7 weeks of inspiration

  • Over 20 yoga videos

  • Printable guides to do it without the video

  • The how-to guide for yoga for beginners.

  • Tips on making a successful habit.

  • Essential oil suggestions to relax and stretch even deeper.

All for less than $4/day – basically cheaper than a latte!

What are the daily home yoga practice benefits?

✅ More energy for your day.

✅ Build core strength.

✅ Build upper body strength – and have those amazingly toned yogi arms…

✅ Improve your flexibility – and no you don’t need to touch your toes before you start!

✅Start your day with YOU – and everything else will flow better.

✅There are even a couple bonus videos to end your day with yoga for better sleep.

✅Feel balanced all day long!

The list goes on and on…This is my morning non-negotiable so my body stays flexible (and gets more flexible) every year.

Start your own yoga practice at home and see what difference it will make in your life.

Access to over 20 yoga videos to use over the next 7 weeks to target your tight spots and give you a calm start to your day.

Here’s a taste of the most popular videos:

- Relieve Neck and Shoulder Tension

- Cleansing Flow for Better Digestion

- Core Strength for Strong Backs

- Hip Openers for Low Back Relief and Less Knee - Pain

- Yoga for TMJ Tension

- Better Balance and Focus

- Travel Yoga.

Is your goal simply to start your day with mindful movement?

To Improve flexibility?

Build core strength or feel balanced? 

Easy Peasy Morning Yoga gets you there.


Go ahead – roll out your mat and let’s get you started with your easy peasy daily yoga practice.


Yoga and Essential Oils from Krista Strayer; Wellness Lifestyle Coach specializing in Ayurveda and Essential Oils.

Blending Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science into Simple Wellness.

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