Simple Wellness

with Ayurveda & Essential Oils

Are you ready to add Essential Oils into your Wellness Lifestyle...

But don't know where to start?

Do you eat pretty healthy and exercise regularly but still don't feel great?

Ayurveda fills in the missing pieces about what makes you unique AND how to create the wellness plan that's right for your body.

With these Simple Wellness Solutions you'll...

🥱 Get to Sleep and Stay Asleep

🥴 Manage Gut Health Challenges

😞 Learn what Essential Oils will Support Your Mood

🤧 Get Simple Tips to Boost Your Natural Immunity

.... and much more!

The good news?

Everything we do is simple, natural and makes sense for YOUR body.

On-line Class: Tuesday January 23rd

In Person Class: Wednesday January 24th


Want to...

⚡️Boost your energy?

💤Sleep Better?

🧠Think more clearly?

Join me this month to find out more!

I promise there are going to be a couple of things you start doing,

or maybe stop doing right away!

Here's the deets...

On-line Class: Tuesday January 23rd

12 noon MT

( 11 am PT / 2 pm ET )

Online Zoom Class

In person Class: Wednesday January 24th

7pm MT

NW Calgary